Sunday, 29 April 2012

Val Kraihe 'The Crow' Assassin

Studying one of the thousand aspects of Khaine the child only now remembered as The Crow has become an outcast in the fraternity of assassins. While meditating on the Khaineth Zarrid (a death blow that shatters the spinal column) a crow entered her enumerations and posed the assassin a riddle.

The child assassin unable offer a response, barred her throat for restitution. When she awoke from her trance the child assassin found a pair of knives resting in her lap, but had lost her voice to the fled crow. 

Ever divorced from her elvish anima, the assassin has taken on bestial aspects and become an outcast among her own kind. Her silence has been replaced with a hideous squawk. Her feet have become elongated ending in talons. Her back has become bent, a low sloping gait replacing her race's usual elegance. With her knives she found that she could leap further, and higher than before. Her precise killing excellence had now become a frenzy of blows landed from above.

Rejected by her peers and mutilated by her masters for her deformity, The Crow now occupies the highest spires of Naggarond maddened by the riddle of the crow.



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