Friday, 7 June 2013

Designer: Jes Godwin
Release date: 1989

This model was painted for a friend recently when he decided to move from Skaven to his beloved Nurgle. When we started playing the Chaos books were unified, you could mix daemons with warriors and Beastmen (there's even an early White Dwarf battle report where Skaven Plague Monks are taken with Plague Bearers). His switch in allgience spurred me into painting this miniature, left languishing at the bottom of a bitz box for some years now. 

If you click on the SOL link above you can see that this Chaos Champion was created in an era of unrivaled creative impetus from Jes and the Games Workshop team. Twenty years on we can see how these models influenced the entire range of Chaos miniatures. These guys are a constant source of inspiration and like any great work of art, there is always something new to find on these sculpts.  

I decided to purchase Miniature Mentor's Abyssal Lord tutorial to improve my true metallic metal (TMM) technique. I painted the armour in dark tones, highlighting area's in bronze and contrasted this with very pale skin. The horns were basecoated with P3's Coal Black - this slightly green, slightly blue paint was a nice comprimise between the traditional green associated with Nurgle and my need to put a new spin on this miniature. The mace was finished off with weathering powers (I like to think of this as the Flith Mace). The base was created with dried tree bark, orgenao, basil and some dried leaves from my back garden. 

And so Ol' Smiler makes it three entries in my Citadel Legends campaign. Because of the Classic nature of the piece I decided to photograph this on a traditional 80-90's faded blue background. What to paint next? I feel the spirit of Khaine pressing upon my paint brush.



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