Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Damn I love this model. I like to think that Araloth was actually once upon a time Gaymar the Foccer who found a bird who could do all the fighting for him and built a legend! The very idea and rule mechanic that the little sparrow can swoop down on the mightiest Chaos Lord and pluck his eyes out his hilarious.  

As for painting I cycled through all my Spring colours: turquoise, warm greens, yellow and browns. Painting this model is relatively straight forward as there are a lot of open spaces ripe for a little freehand. I carefully sketched in the basic shape of the freehand design with a thin, short hair round brush. I put down a brown outline then I began to highlight with a warm gold colour and finally pure white. I think I'm starting to get a handle of freehand designs and I hope to do a fair bit more in the future. 



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  1. Stunning model. Stunning paint job and really nice site!