Friday, 28 November 2014

Welcome to an exclusive one weekend event for these special deals. To order these please deposit the amount listed to with the title of the offer. These deals include the price of the models (but not postage to you). Some of these deals are extremely limited and are strictly first come first serve. Once the money has been deposited you will be given a slot for the models to be painted. 

Please note that I am fully booked until Christmas, so bookings made now will not be fulfilled until January 2015 at the earliest. These deals are not cumulative with other special offers. 

For example if you'd like to order the Knight deal please deposit £110 to Lillegendstudio with a note "2 for 1 Knight". 

The big ones first! 

Primarch Collection £1700
Deposit: £500

Description: Purchase all seven Primarchs (Angron, Fulrim, Ferrus, Lorgar, Horus, Mortarion, Vulkan) and get the next released Primarch absolutely free.

2 for 1 Knight £300
Deposit: £110
Limited 2 units.

Description: 1 Imperial Knight or Eldar Wraithknight, plus 1 free knight (free model, free paint job). Buy one  Imperial Knight or Eldar Knight and get another absolutely free! Limited to two  units. Once someone has bought two commissions  of this deal the deal ends. (For example Andy buys one knight commission and gets another for free, therefore leaving one unit left to be bought. Laura then buys a knight and gets the deal – after this the offer has expired).

Back in Black: Variable
Deposit: Variable

Description: 15% off any ‘Black’ Armies.
Black Templars, Black Legion, Death Company – any models where the majority of the model has black clothing/armour/ skin. Be imaginative and grab yourself a deal!

Firestorm Armada Starter Fleet: £150 
Deposit: £50
Limited 4 units

Description: One starter set Fleet for any of the races painted for £150.

Nagash: £210
Deposit: £110

Description: One Nagash Supreme Lord of Undeath painted to your description (or painted like the one pictured). 

Maggoth Lords/ Mortarch of Nagash: £140 each
Deposit £75
Limited 3 units.

Descrption: Get One of the Mortarchs of Nagash or Maggoth Lords painted for £140. 

Glotttkin: £210
Deposit £110

Description: One Glottkin Lord of the End Times

Horus Heresy Starter Collection: Variable
Deposit: Variable: Variable

Description: 1 Primarch, 1 set of terminators (5 models), 1 Contemptor, 20 Marines (additional models can be bought on request. 15% off usual commission price.



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