Thursday, 14 March 2013

"For all you know is a heap of broken images."

These are the final photographs of the Abaddon Vs. Loken Diorama sculpted by Simon Egan for Forge World.

This model was an absolute joy to paint throughout the process and I can tell the sculptor enjoyed the subject. Both models are fantastic examples of the figure sculptor’s art and together produce a scene full of energy, drive and movement. I can see that both characters are reacting to one another; it’s like watching the scene in the movie Heat where Al Pacino and Robert De Nero are sitting having a coffee. Both actors react to the slight subtleties of each other, moving, sliding, manipulating. I see the same thing here, Abaddon bracing himself for Loken’s charge and Loken his face to full of hurt.
The scene is very specific moment in Horus Heresy history, echoing the larger themes of the conflict that will engulf the universe. Loyalty, to one’s Primarch, to one’s Emperor and to oneself must be appreciated here, as the meaning behind the word will become a treacherous thing in the coming era. Loken is loyal to the Emperor and the ideals of the Great Crusade: Humanity’s expansion into the stars that birthed the Astartes and the only way of life he has ever known. Abaddon is loyal to his genesire, the man directly responsible for his anima and the only father he has known. Both men must betray something to stay loyal to an ideal, or a man they deem of greater import within their universe. 

Tomorrow's post will see the spotlight thrown on Loken. 




  1. I really like the colour balance between them and the neutral, dirty colours on the base is a great way to showcase their different "moods". Great execution!

  2. Amazing work as always mate. I should really pick up some of these heresy miniatures. They just show off forge world at the top of their game!

  3. Wonderful colours and brushwork!

    Quick question on the power (?) sword: is the quartered NMM also on the other side of the blade (the side facing the ground), or does it fall into shadow?