Monday, 4 November 2013

Sinnevar The Glutton, 11th Comapny Detachment
Pict Capture Terra Primus Ultimus

In life Sinnevar was the vaunted captain of the 11th company subjugating the Graphin and Laycrost systems during the Great Crusade. He held an independent command to the legion at large, instigating wars of cleansing against Xenos settlements that lay on the periphery to the eighth's advance. 

When the Heresy burnt the world of Istvaan V to ash, incinerating the loyalist legions, Sinnevar's cohort was held in the reserve companies leading the execution duties of the wounded. The Glutton earned his name by eating the dead of Istvaan, consuming the valuable geneseed of the fallen loyalists. This act would mark the 11th as the Eaters of the Dead. 

Sinnevar was elevated to the chassis of the Contemptor class dreadnought after Konrad Curze throttled the captain to death in a fit of melancholia. The honour of receiving such a death from the Primarch elevated this unremarkable warrior to be interred in one of the legions most prized relics. 




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