Sunday, 12 January 2014

"Now we become Death, and the Destroyer of Worlds."


This is the second Typhus / Typhon that I have painted. The first, the 41st millenuim version can be found here. Like the first, I worked this model up from a white base coat shading with colours rather than black (a technique popular with our continental cousins). I wanted the armour to reflect the warping damage and inner corruption the Captain of the Death Guard has endured. The metallic indents loacted in the shin guard were given a surrounding wash of red ink to simulate an aggrivated wound. 

This was my first use to Games Workshop's new technical paints (the rust and oxidation ones to be specific). I was keen not to overuse these as I think with this character especially the level of corrosion you paint on the model can obscure the detail. I'm happy with the balance I have struck. 

The metals were shaded with Tamiya clear red, yellow, blue and green all mixed in varying degrees and applied with GW's Agrax earthshade. The model was finished with a coat of varnish and oil wash to define the details and add grease effects. 




  1. Love it! Very inspiring, some day I might even attempt to paint the HH characters i have in my when i get better pile ;)

  2. Cheers guys.

    @ Zab - just dive in dude. These models make you a better painter as they force you to add that extra detail to bring the character to life.

  3. The quote, "Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds" is from a passage within the Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita. J. Robert Oppenheimer was reminded of it when witnessing the detonation of the atomic bomb he helped create.