Sunday, 30 March 2014

"We will spend our lives fighting to secure this Imperium, and then I fear we will spend the rest of our days fighting to keep it intact... In the far future, there will be only war."
- Sigismund


This model was bought for an online £5 ebay challenge (Link). This model has been on my to do list and is even a model that I've selected for my Citadel Legends.

Yellow has been a problem colour for me - I was not sure how to get the best from the colour but I think I'm heading in the right direction with this model. I used a warm brown to undercoat the model and used successive highlight layers of white and a lemon yellow to create a warm/ cool contrast. The Blade was washed with blue over the grey and white highlight layers to contrast with the yellow armour. Sigismund's left pauldron ties to the blade to the model with the black and white heraldry.

I wanted to leave the scenic bases' banner quite plain and ambiguous. This way we do not tie down Sigismund to any time specific event and can partake in any part of the Heresy (up until he paints his armour black at the siege of Terra).

Why the black armour? In the original short story printed in white dwarf (the first time Sigismund is mentioned I believe) he is described as feeling odd that his yellow armour has been reprinted black for the siege of terra. I'm sure that there are stories out there that contradict this - some say he's in black, others that he wears yellow. There are plenty of examples of black emperors champions out there so I wanted to paint something different 
and present my version of a pre battle for terra Sigismund.




  1. Really nice work. That eBay challenge was such a cool idea. It almost suckered me into joining facebook...almost ;)

  2. Yeah that's pretty awesome....fer a Beakie.

  3. I really love the colour myles!