Monday, 17 March 2014

Born time and again into the furious cycle of existence in Commorragh Cynath Ch'Ihll, the Void Prince of the Medusae Court, has known many lives. His helm known as the strangers smile is an artifact of the Old One's unknown treatise with the primordial energies of the universe and contains the bound essence of a malicious spirit. The being who claims himself a god is slaved to the Ch'Ihll house acting as advisor, protector and as a power source to the Ch'Ihll's more esoteric pursuits. When incased in this helm Cynath dreams of other worlds, some more barbaric than his own, where swords and sorcery rule. 

The Prince's armour is antiquated, a relic of finer times obsolete in modern Commorragh. The Arioch Lorica is a complex suite of life sustaining drug dispensers, blood clotters and synthetic flesh knitters. It may re-grow the limbs of the occupant if fed enough anguish and is given sufficient time. The screaming face set in the centre is believed to be a baleful representation of Arioch Ch'Ihll, the deity which the Archon's family had enslaved. 

Cynath wields the Tear of Khaine, a blade made of the very essence of a singularity, fatal to all life with the merest scratch. Cynath's bladed hand is a reflex of the Lorica whereby the wearer can extend the fingers into envenomed blades. Thus attired the Medusae Prince is made in the fashion of the elder ruling class, overthrown by Asdrubael Vect. Indeed the Kabal's over fondness for referring to itself as a court or a house is an anachronism in modern Commoragh where freedom is the only absolute rule of law. 

Cynath is here seen during the Lastrai Purge M30.228. The Nightmarish carpet of skulls is a noted side effect of this Kabal's method of war. Before a strike has begun the Medusae Court will launch vexator hallucinogen into the atmosphere inducing nightmarish visions of worlds blanketed with the dead, of daemons stalking through the ranks of the mortal and star systems swallowed whole by the gluttonous appetites of the Eldar. 

The Lastrai Purge was one of the notable cleaning campigns of the Emperor's Children Legion and by Ordo Supremus the true toll on civilian life was redacted. The hordes of mutilated bodies, stumped and mewling creatures they had become were included in the surviving count before given the Emperor's Peace. Before their death, in unison they spoke.

"Fear the dark for it is full of terror."

A personal project of mine that has spanned some years. I decided with the onset of 6th edition to collect a 'players army'. Something that could stand up to most lists without fear of being annihilated. The dandy in me wanted something beautiful to field. The Dark Eldar were released and I was sold. Alongside the 3rd edition of the codex chaos I believe the latest Dark Eldar book to be the finest rule book crafted by Games Workshop. The sense of character it evokes and the ruleset that plays like the background is a fine achievement, harking back to the heady creative days of the early nineties.

So far I've felt like I missed the mark with my Dark Eldar Force. I painted it up in a quick scheme to get gaming with it, but my enthusiasm for the project dried up after painting the kabalites and two ravagers. I've come to appreciate that I'm not a speed painter (although I can paint quickly). I prefer to luxuriate over the details and build character. So the Void Prince is a re-pledge to the nightmarish denizens of Commoragh to build a kabal worthy of the greatest civilization to grace the Universe.




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