Tuesday, 3 June 2014

20x Executioners of Blood Briar Vineyard.

The vineyards of Har Ganeth produce a black grape that in turn makes intensely sweet wine and when drunk, has hallucinatory properties. Since the earliest days of Elven settlement in Naggaroth vineyards have been kept and maintained to feed nobles with this peculiarity. Since The Sundering the treatment of the vines has suffered as the Druchii only have one class of citezen; the warrior, and have had to rely on the inferior viticulturists of Bordeleaux.

This regiment of Har Ganeth Executioners belongs to the Grand Carnifex Malvisryo Blackthorn whose generous contributions to the Temple of Khaine (through the profits generated by the Blood Grape - one of many breed of grape that grows in the region) have secured him the permanent use of Khaine's finest warrirors to protect his interests and his vines. "Thorn Company" act as a strong detterent to rival wine Barons not to sabotage Malvisryo's crops. 

The Thron embroidered cloak worn by the executioners were furnished by Malviryo and so was the banner - a Stylized skull against a field of crimson and thorn. 


A commission piece for a client. 


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  1. Nice executioners! They look awesome. Love the tribals on their cloaks.