Monday, 11 July 2011

STAGE 1, Midtone.

·      Basecoat Black, Dust White.
·      Mix VMC Prussian Blue (Regal Blue) with VMC Oliy Steel
 (Boltgun metal). 60:40 mix (use The old Citadel Metallic paint as a reference).


DO NOT USE WET PALLETTE. The silver pigment in the Oily
 Steel does not disburse evenly. Make sure that the blue has a nice
 robust, even colour to it. (Save yourself a lot of pain and buy
VMC model air equivalent; the silver pigment is ground more
 finely and you will not get that horrible 'glitter' effect when mixing the paint).

STAGE 2: Highlights and shading

·      Highlight the above mix with Oily Steel.
·      Add Mithril silver for extreme highlight.  
·      Mix Prussian Blue and Black ink 25/40:75:60 mix
 and apply shadow NMM style.

When you add more Oily steel to the mixture for highlight,
 it will look like you are actually darkening the armour.
This is an illusion. The armour will appear more metallic and brighter when it has dried.
Don’t worry of the mirthril silver is a little extreme at this stage.
 It can be ‘stained’ later with successive washes of blue/black and green.
Be mindful when applying shadow. Use venithal lighting.
 Pick a light source, and paint throughout the model.

STAGE 3: Washes and further highlighting / shading.

·      Wash the entire armour with Thakka Green.
·      Reapply Prussian blue,  Oily steel and Mithril silver mix.
Work up the edges of the armour and highlights.
·      Continue to shade armour with Prussian Blue and Black ink wash.
·      Black line armour plates with Prussian Blue and
Black ink wash (more black for a stronger shadow).


The Green wash should make the armour pop. At this point
 the overall look should be taking shape.

STAGE 4 Re-applying highlights.

·      Highlight armour plates with Prussian blue,  Oily Steel,  and Mithril silver (35:35:20). Work up to pure Mithril Silver edges. 
·      Shade with Black and Asruman wash.  Remember think about your light sourcing, and how the shadows work on the model.

Don’t worry if the silver is a little light. Subsequent washes will bring the harshness of the highlight down.

STAGE 5 Final Highlight.

·      Highlight armour with pure Mirthril Silver.
·      Shade with nearly pure black wash (only wash in recesses; you're black lining with black ink/wash)




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