Friday, 1 July 2011

Here are the members of the Seer council painted up for my very good friend. I used the grey scale technique again and I think they came out rather spiffy. 

I couldn't resist painting the swords as if they were pink crystal. I chose pink over red as the spot colour for these models because I wanted to stay away from the christmas look red and green combinations can give you. Pink still draws the eye, but does not steal focus away from the main parts of the miniature. 

Since the Farseer has such a large area to work on, I knew I pated some kind of freehand pattern on there, but time is an issue. I used some of the designs on the Flacon decal sheet to add arcane runes to the unit's robes. They are a little awkward right now because the patterns still have the halo of the sealing agent around them. This will disappear once I've varnished the models. 

And not to be out done by their tender cousins the Dark Eldar make an appearance on my desk. The above two were painted alongside my Dark Eldar warriors but were always destined for greater attention. 

Here's what's on my desk at the end of the week:

[Commission] Dante Chapter Master of the Blood Angels
[Commission] Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels
Converted Talos
[Commission] The Sanguinor
[Commission] Dark Reapers
The Emperor's Plinth 

Not much in the way of personal projects, but fun none-the-less!




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