Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I assembled one of the squads with a lot of hellion parts. I love how feral the heads are, and I imagined my Archon offering the most vicious members of lower Commoragh a chance to serve in his weakened Kabal. Injecting new and vicious blood can never be a bad thing, can it?

Sigil of the Cult of the Flayed Prophet

Within Commoragh society I imagine there exists a whole plethora of cults, secret organisations, and abodes of sin. The warriors are already marked with all sorts of strange sigils, indicating their allegiances or past vices, so I thought I'd carry along this theme and sculpt flayed faces onto some of my warriors. Members of the pleasure cult of the flayed prophet must bear the mouth and eyes of a being considered holy to one of the prey species. This particular model has kept the face, adorning it on his right shoulder guard.

Human skin is in vogue with the Kabal of the Medusae now; especially when the human settlement is close to a Craftworld.

The Dark Eldar do this because they know that the seers will try and form a logic to their attacks and divine a pattern when, in truth, none exists save for the pleasure of torture.




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