Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Here is a W.I.P shot of Cynath Ch'Ihll as an Archon of the Cabal Medusae. 

I worked up this colour scheme inspired by the Dark Eldar cover.

I have finished one model so far, with twenty more of his pals and their pleasure boats for them to joy ride in coming soon.

I've noticed a growing trend with dark eldar armies to use TMM armour instead of matte colours. Just like the widely used 'lining' technique (where the edges of the armour are given an extreme highlight: see GW's army for examples), metallics highlight the highly detailed kit and segmented armour prevalent on the Dark Eldar kit.

However painting with metallics requires a different mindset and set of techniques. You cannot shade nor highlight as you normally would. There are so many pitfalls. This test model is the end product of three other tests which ended in failure. I am in the process of compiling a tutorial on how I created this warrior in hopes that it will help you with your own experimentation. 




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