Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone. For a festive treat, I've been lavishing my attention on the Sanguinius sculpt i've been working on. This will be the last W.I.P shoot for the Primarch, the next entry will be the painted, final version. Below are a few images that I have used to inspire and inform me during the process of creating the IX Legion's Primarch.

Angelicus By the wonderful Aenerion the faithful.
Sangunius by Emma V.

Sangunius by Moorkasaur

I want to say a huge thank to you everyone who has commented, enjoyed, hated, informed and debated this miniature. I especially wish to thank the people who provided the pictures above, you filled in the inevitable gaps left by the official artwork produced by Games Workshop. The list of credits for the artists above is not complete, and i'd appreciate any information people can send me. 

And finally a huge and unreserved high-five-fuck-yeah end of year christmas thank you to all the visitors and subscribers of this blog. I appreciate all the support and I hope to continue in similar vein next year.

Now, does Sangunius have blonde or black hair? 



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