Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This is my latest completed W.I.P; Morathi, Queen of the Dark Elves. Of all the Druchii special characters, Morathi is my favourite. I've even written an article on how I use her on the table top: 

I wanted something closer to the artwork found in the Dark Elf rule book. I'm a big fan of the original sculpt, except I don't like the pegasus (in my opinion, it is a little sub par and unbalances the dynamic of the miniature greatly). I took harpies from the Warmaster range and I converted some sprites from the Wood Elf plastic kits to create the malevolent spirits haunting the Witch Queen. The crackling magical energy was created with off cuts of metal that are created when you drill into a metal model. I wanted Morathi's hair to look like it was writing with magical currents, so I created a press mould and sculpted more locks to give the model extra movement and dynamism.

I plan on using a cool, moody palette of colours inspired by  Malekith85's Golden Daemon winning entry



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  1. Superb conversion, when do you plan to paint it? IS the conversion finished by the way? The left leg looks a bit small , but it may be the angle of the picture that does that.

    Anyway, great work, it looks exactly like the artwork