Monday, 24 February 2014

Autek Mor Iron Father of the Iron Hands Legion.

Autek Mor was an Iron Hands Iron Father and Lord of the Morragul Clan during the Horus Heresy. Mor had a sinister reputation within his own Legion, and dark rumours maintained that the origin of his gene-seed were not as they should be. A Terran by birth, he was a veteran of the Iron Hands first recruits before the rediscovery of Ferrus Manus and took part in the conquest of the Sol System. By the time of his Primarch's finding, he had already developed a reputation as both a weaponsmith and malevolent soul, already having killed several of his own legion in duels over slights to his honor and ruling his Clan Company with an iron fist.[1]
On Medusa he took over the outlaw Ra'Guln Clan's leviathan crawler in a bloody night of violence and made himself its lord, impritng on it his name and will. In the years to follow his Morragul Clan became a sink for the outcasts and most unstable elements of the Legion. Mor and Manus had no love for one another, but despite this, when his Grand Cruiser Red Talon arrived in the Isstvan V System he attacked fought valiantly on the side of the loyalists. His ship took heavy damage in a space engagement and he fled the system, dogged by Traitor pursuers.[1]

Courtesy of Lexicanum


This miniature heralds a swathe of Iron Hands coming our way in the coming months. A client has lavished me with this incredible project and I hope that you enjoy seeing these as much as I have painting them. 

As for the painting itself, I started with a black base coat and used three different greys to build up a gradient on the armour before hitting it with pure white through an airbrush. The armour was then given a light wash of turqiouse with a brush reinforcing the highlights and shading. The Servo harness is from the techmarine kit and the head is from Forge World's Abaddon kit. 




  1. Just plain awesome. I really like the highlighting on the armour. Were all highlights done with the airbrush?
    3 different shades of grey, do you mind telling what colors you used?
    Hope to see more of those IH.

  2. So moragul is Red Talons chapters precursor. This is awesome