Saturday, 22 February 2014

Legion Praetor Vercinretorix The Flawed Fourth Millenial, Emperor's Children Legion

Born of one of Pre-Imperial Terra's ruling castes the boy that would become known as Verinretorix was gene forged to be a general. In embryo the genetic destiny of this man would be one of war and blood shed but on a scale greater than his master could have imagined. Too young to fight against the all conquering Thunder Warriors, Vercinretorix was drafted into the Astrates program to produce a second generation of Warriors capable to conquering a Galaxy. 

The boy had not difficulties adjusting to his new legacy and established a reputation of careful planning with swift execution. He was at the forefront of the fledgling legions command until Fulgrim was installed at the head. Vercinretorix had a frosty relationship with his gene father. The Primarch felt that the Praetor, while undoubtably a reliable general, was not a talented one. Vercinretorix was not prone to flashes of inspiration or appreciative of the mutability of circumstance that his brother were. It was felt within legion command that the Praetor was a flawed being, the divine spark inherent within humanity had been engineered out. Vercinretorix was posted to hold Genna, an agricultural world conquered by the legion in tandem with the Luna Wolves. No further record exists of Vercinretorix's deeds from then on. 

Vercinretorix is here depicted at the Vanguard of the Genna Cleansing. Upon his waist sits the Eye of Terra, an honourific gifted to him by Hastur Sejanus for services rendered unto the Imperium. Horus would gift such honourifics freely to the members of other legions, reinforcing bonds of brotherhood in a disparate military organisation that spanned the length and breadth of the Milky Way. 


A commission piece for a small collection of Emperor's Children Annexed to a larger Sons of Horus Force. I went for very cool tones with slightly embellished armour. 




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