Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sicaran Tetras, The Bastard of Beltragh. Heavy Ordnance of the Sons of Horus, Eighth Millenial 
[Pict-capture Twelve Emperor's Insurrection]

Fogred at Mars the machine spirit of Teras had a reputation as having a bilious disposition. It would continue to exhibit malfunctions of an esoteric nature until its unconfirmed destruction in M37.
However this war machine had several notable kills before and during the Heresy. Agemenom, Captain of the Raven Guard's Shrike Legion, Vakaris the Glutton and the Xenos Lord Brakka Noin all fell to Tetras. Its last days saw it in the service of Iron Warriors annexing the Prmary Star system of Fell [Cross REF. The Bastard of BeltraghXXXIIII - Inquisitorial Seal Magenta].


This is the first large vehicle I have tackled from forgeworld. The tracks were the biggest obstacle to overcome in an otherwise supreme kit. The metals were painted using the tutorial of the Red Scoripion Land Raider Foreworld Master Class Vol. 2. The Sons of Horus Green was painted with a mixture of Reaper Master Series Peacock Green and Reaper Master Series Twilight Grey, adding white to the mix for the highlights. This was then given a coat of Coelia Greenshade to make the armour really pop. Chipping was added with a sponge. 



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  1. hi I cannot fing the twilight grey colour you said to use in this paint scheme on there website and was wondering if you have gotten the name wrong, could you help me with the right name please?