Thursday, 20 April 2017

Dynameis terminator squad.  

The vaunted Dynameis formed the shock core of boarding actions of the 33rd assault division sequestered to Belarius' command. Specialising in zone mortalis actions, the Dynameis were recorded to have fought in the Sol System at the time of the siege. Infamously the surviving members formed [REDACTED]. 

My first batch of terminators are now complete. After reading the rules for Blood Angels I doubt these will see much action in games of 3k points of lower but they make perfect members of a Zone Mortalis force. The models themselves are created from the Emperor's Children Phoenix Terminatos and the Cataphractii resin kit. 



  1. I havent seen the 30k rules... Where are they? Im intrigued. Why do you say they wont see much action?

  2. These look amazing! Where are the heads from?