Friday, 28 April 2017

Chaplain Maelio is the latest in a fraternity of brothers dogged by ill fortune - the average life span of a Chaplain crusading with the 133rd being two years. The grizzled Luna veteran seeks to break that cycle. 

The Chaplain's armour presents us a problem in dating. The MKIII boarding plate was largely a relic by the time Faustino took his position, replaced en masse by MKIV within the Blood Angel Legion. Cross reference reveals this armour had the honour of being in the presence of the Emperor at the Triumph of Ullanor and held a ceremonial value within the IXth. With elements of the 18th being sent independently into the void, its numbers swelled by new recruits from Baal, this armour become a physical link to Terra.

Most of you will remember my original Aquailante Faustino. Unfortunately on his first outing in game he lost his life. I roll on a chart after each game and I need to roll a double one for characters to permenantly die (they otherwise suffer minuses to their characteristics, or if successful in their mission have the chance to gain additional abilities). First Aquilante died, then his successor (in personal combat to Angron no less) and a third who barely had time to don the black before his head was taken by a World Eater Warlord. 

It felt wrong to keep using the same miniature, so, reluctantly, I replaced the head and the weapon. I magnetised the old helmet to use in Zone Mortalis or zero gravity actions. 



  1. Where in the world does that amazing sword come from? Bloody gorgeous piece. Your BA line inspired me into Horus Heresy. Specially your winged praetor.

  2. Sword is from a small startup named Conversion World. They don´t have a webshop yet, but you can find their stuff on ebay. ( if you are from the UK, if you are from elsewhere.)