Saturday, 2 February 2013

Today undoubtably belongs to Chaos and to celebrate I decided to pick up a couple of the new kits to paint up. 

First on the shopping list was Throgg The Troll King. The model is a bit of a beast, the pose reminds me a bit of Bender's iconic fist pump in the 80's classic The Breakfast Club. I was a little apprehensive buying this miniature in finecast. My previous experience with this material has not been a positive one and I was mightily relieved to find that this set has no flaws. No bubbles, irreparable warping or missing pieces. From look at the spure (below) we can see that there are a lot more injection vents than would be found on a plastic or metal miniature. Unlike previous moulds being used for finecast production, this model has been designed to be cast with finecast in mind, and the toolers have allowed for the frailties of the material. 

The miniature is incredibly detailed and very characterful. Its a fantastic sculpt and I think a lot of credit has to go to Games Workshop team who produced the kit.

I also decided to pick up a set of Dragon Ogres. The models look amazing and the kit is of the same high quality as the Dark Vengeance plastics. I was absolutely blown away by the ease of assembly. Just looking at the sprue is a humbling experience - the GW team have gone to mighty lengths to produce a vibrant and characterful unit. The Dragon Ogres really add weight to Games Workshop's boast that they produce the finest wargaming miniatures in the world. 

I decided to go with the double handed weapons for my Dragon Ogres but I haven't glued on the halberd / stone / axe heads. These will be going up for sale and I wanted the buyer to have the option of how to equip them. 

Until next time chap and chapettes. 



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