Friday, 10 May 2013

"The secret at the heart of the first legion is not the terrible treachery of their soldiers, but the Heresy of their very souls!"

Badrek Vaar - Excommunicate Traitoris

"From what little we know of the Dark Angels, records show that no other imperial organization has allied themselves with the Ecclesiarchy so closely. No other military force has undertaken more operations with the Imperial creed, nor any Legiones Astrates litergical dogma so in sync with the Holy Synod."

Lord Confessor Rikle

"The secret of the Broken Blade does not take place in the Heresy. The secret conceals the slow decay of the Astrates stalwart belief in the Imperial Truth. The Dark Angels have rejected the sterile universe and have turned to faith. This is their greatest treachery, their defining fall from grace. "

Fallen Angel Ramiel


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