Saturday, 5 October 2013

I think this release has been a little overshadowed by the release of Ferrus Manus at Games Day. Personally, I was looking forward to painting these miniatures more. Whereas Ferrus represents the fulfillment of the martial/ ideological ideal of humanity as envisaged by the Emperor, Erebus and especially Kor Phaeron, represent humanities frailty. Frailty, greed, lust and decrepitude are much more interesting subjects than perfection (fans of Fulgrim may disagree). 

I'm sure you're sick of the amount of positive adjectives I throw at Forge World's products, so please forgive a few more words of praise for this model. The character just looks bat shit crazy. It was a challenging piece to paint. The runic script can be easily lost with a high contrast paint job and the face can look a little untidy when viewed from a distance. I originally painted Erebus' face with green under-lighting, but I felt between the etched scrpit and the lines in the face this confused the eye to much. I thank my lucky stars that I know how to oil wash. This technique allowed me to paint the model as I normally would without loosing the detail. 

Does anyone else think that Kor Phaeron looks like Prince Phillip? I'd love to know the kind of visual ques Edgar Skormorowski used to create this model. Although you cannot see this from the photos, the underside of the gauntlets have Kor Phaeron's bare hands hard wired into the suit. You can also see the characters back legs from behind poking out from this false terminator suit. I glued the head a little father back in the suit to reinforce the unease of the character. Curiously, the white dwarf preview in white dwarf seems to be a different head from the one put into general release. I wonder if there is a story there?

These are wonderful, wonderful models that will grace any collection. 




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