Friday, 4 April 2014

"Kill for the living, kill for the dead.

 The sacrifice which they collectively made was individually repaid to them; for they received again each one for himself a praise which grows not old, and the noblest of all tombs, I speak not of that in which their remains are laid, but of that in which their glory survives, and is proclaimed always and on every fitting occasion both in word and deed. For the whole earth is the tomb of famous men; not only are they commemorated by columns and inscriptions in their own country, but in foreign lands there dwells also an unwritten memorial of them, graven not on stone but in the hearts of men. 

So say I again, kill for the living, kill for the dead."

Horus Lupercal Funeral Oration After Ullanor


This is the second of my Horus models painted up. I knew that I wouldn't be content with painting Horus in Black or White so I had to do both. I airbrushed them in tandem and applied the brush work individually to each piece. I could never reconcile the figure of Horus as a magnanimous compassionate person. I could certainly believe he liked to project that aspect of himself to others (certainly outside of the military) but anyone who holds so much power has to be a bully. 

Not that bully's are all bad. Julius Ceasar is a heroic character who performed brutal actions to ensure the power of Imperial Rome. For good or ill he was a man of power and influence and guided others along his vision of what rome should be. I like to think of Horus perusing a dream, but realizing it is his not his own dream that he is fulfilling. It is not Horus Lupercal's ideal of what the Imperium man should be, but his father's. 

This was playing at the back of my mind while painting these models. Where Horus the traitor has garbed himself in a purple cloak reminiscent of the ruling Emperor's of old, this Horus is a servant wearing the Imperial red of his Father (who in the art wears exclusively a red robe). 




  1. Oh you suck! ;) Two awesome Horus's in a week?! What the hell man?!!!! I still like the other version better, but the way you painted him here certainly softens the severity of the sculpt and makes him seem more noble than menacing. Again, to recap: What the hell man?!!!

  2. Love this Luna Wolves version!