Friday, 24 April 2015

Hello everyone. This one I am incredibly proud of. This sees me spread my wings beyond GW into a new realm of miniature painting. And boy is this different. This model was painted for MDP (mode display products) and will be on display at salute 2015. This was temendous amounts of fun to paint, and instead of giving you a blow by blow account of paint recipes I thought we'd examine the mood we were trying to create. 

When I saw the dragon my first inclination was not that it was a terrifying beast - to me it looked curious rather than threatening. Not what you expect from a diorama depicting a a young woman setting out to slay a wyrm. I wanted all the threat to be coming from the young lady, so I painted her in strong red and violet tones. In my minds eye I see her as belonging to an order that hunts these creatures down, while the dragon, having not learned to fear man is curious to find out what this awkward bi pedal creature wants of him. The scene is poised on the pint of an ambiguous action - will there be violence or understanding? 




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