Thursday, 28 April 2011

This model is really special to me.The basis of this model was the first Dark Elf model I bought and has been my general for over twelve years. This is my fourth version of the Black Prince and is nearly complete. I wanted to convey a sense of pomposity, superiority and arrogance. The pose is based from this painting of Napoleon... 

...although Cynath does not share the same level of tactical acumen. Throughout the years he has led his house noble Cold One’s on raids all across the Warhammer world and is more than a little reckless when it comes to accepting a challenge (he has a fairly decent record as well, slaying Grimgor and Valten on foot in single combat, no doubt impostors). However, I have lost a butt load of games with my dark elves (I started playing them when they were rubbish). Since the Black Prince’s favourite tactic is charging as fast as he can toward the enemy and letting his household catch up with him, it seemed only natural that his impudent nature would see him disgraced somewhere down the line. 



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