Friday, 22 April 2011

Has it really been that long since I posted an update?

Looking at the site, i've decided to give this place a complete redesign. I will be updating the entire blog, adding content, and posting up some miniatures that will be exclusive to the site.

A big thanks to my four followers who had every reason to unsubscribe. Here are the first pictures of my Dark Eldar force. I hope you enjoy them.



  1. I saw some of your stuff on warseer and wanted to have a look at your Blog. This stuff is amazing! How did you make the Homunculus

  2. Thank you very much angrypants (have to love online names). The Haemonculous was a kit bash with things lying around in my bits box.

    I believe he/she/it was made with an old archon skirt, the cloaked hands of a corpse cart necromancer, the old urien rakarth's pain box, a zombie's torso and the head from the Masque. The staff and remaining arms are from the new raider kit.

    I hope this helps.