Sunday, 14 August 2011

I offer online tuition for those people who are unable to attend my classes in person. Each session is an hour long and covers a range of subjects agreed upon before the class starts.

Classes available:

*Basic airbrushing
Cleaning, paints, using your airbrush, which airbrush? 
*Advanced airbrushin.
Osl, colour modulation, pre coating, skin tones.
Painting armies, painting nmm, Tmm, painting space marines (word bearers, blood Angels, alpha legion), using decals, freehand, painting faces/ skin tone, colour theory, tools/paint brushes/ palettes, two brush blending, push and pull technique, layering, wet blending, oil wash, painting faces. 

*Weathering masterclass 
Using Oil wash, creating weathered streaks, paint chipping, rust, weathering pigments, battle damage.

* Creating a Forgeworld army 
Working with resin, theme/ context, creating bases, colour schemes, painting armies, painting characters, creating display plinths. 

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