Saturday, 17 September 2011

Squad Belphegor accompanies Belial to war, forming his personal cohort and spearhead of attack. Belphegor is the most senior sergeant of the army and is second only to revered Cain in council to the Lord of the Deathwing. When squad Belphegor takes to the field, the air scorches with lightening, and thrums to the irresistible crack of hammers destroying all before them. 

Every Deathwing army worth its salt in this edition, sports a unit of super hard assault terminators; brimming with thunderhammers and storm shields. The sergeant was created to be a tester for Belial where I could trial sculpting candles and painting a satisfying green. Of all my units, I think this one is the atmospheric. The bases have quite a lot of decoration on them, and the assault cannon terminator has the background arch. 

One of the details of this unit I wish to highlight are the Storm shields. I used a trick that Winterdyne uses quite a bit on flat, undetailed area's. By simply painting a few straight lines on a flat surface, then highlighting around these lines, you can create a very satisfying cracked stone effect. This is very simple to achieve, takes no time to do and looks fantastic. 



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