Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sculptor: Jes Godwin
Release Date: 1991 Games Day UK
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This is the second miniature in my Citadel Legends series, the Venerable Space marine captain from gamesday 1991. This miniature is littered throughout the earlier White Dwarf's and appears as a firm favourite in many peoples favourite miniature lists.

Unfortunately, I cannot find who sculpted this piece, nor can I find any reference to where it was distributed. All I know is that it was released for Gamesday 1991 in the UK. The miniature is typical of the Space Marine captains that were sculpted at the time; static, imposing poses that were suited for a simple two piece cast. Every captain came with a cloak like this one, except this captain had little skulls embroidered into the fabric.

I decided to use my TMM Ultramarine technique to add a new spin on a classic miniature. However, I decided to keep more modern techniques, like weathering, non metallic metals and object source lighting to a minimum. This preserves a sense of historical place whilst affording me an opportunity to paint in a style I have not done in years. I have taken a photographs before and after I glued the cape on to show how de-saturated the colour scheme the miniature had. This was a conscious desicion designed to add more visual impact to the strange reddish purple of the cloak (if anyone can tell me what mid tone I used for the cloak gets to join my gang - answers on facebook if you want to cheat).

I finished the miniature with a flourish of marbling for the Captain's 'U' symbol on his left pauldron. I'm delighted to have finally painted this miniature and it is certainly worthy enough join the halls of my Citadel Legends.


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  1. Nice!
    Hope you got the new re-make of this classic models via GWs re-launch of their updated website. Would be fun to se a comparison with them side by side.

    Just found your blog and noticed I have seen some of your work before. Always happy finding new apiring artists that I can follow online. :)

    Youre doing fantastic work with the models you paint and assemble. I'll totally bookmark your blog :)