Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Nicknamed the hounds of Ch'ihll, the rangers of the Black House form the mainstay of skilled labour within the vast estates the family owns. Drawn from the survivors of the wars waged between the noble houses of Naggarond, the Druchii who choose to serve as slaves under the yoke of the Gorgon queen are given the responsibility of cultivating the mean land. As a mark of their enslavement, the hounds are castrated and sent out into the trackless depths of the Ch'Ihll estate. This is a haunted place where the more horrific offspirng of the Gorgon queen dwell. 

The rangers are expected to maintain the grounds, hunt the meat for the Highborns plate, and try to keep the monsters of the estate from escaping. The groundsmen receive no payment and the Gorgon queen does not deem it appropriate to gift her slaves with fine black chargers as is so common with other houses dark riders. However, they do have their ways of getting around quickly which stems from their love of dog fighting. 

One's social status is determined by how well their dog fights in the pits. The bigger and more ferocious breeds of dogs are obviously the best, so they cross breed their pets with whatever wild creatures the rangers can find. The bigger animals can be mounted and the ranger can ride them into battle.

The current emissary to the Black Prince, the only rangers from the clan who may stance in his  presence, is a fearsome brute of an elf named Brelich. The previous leader was his borther, Northrelich who lost his position as alpha male because his dog was killed in a vicious pit fight. These are the only two ragners who are allowed to bear a sword - a symbol of power, prestige and civilization. The other rangers carry instruments that aid them capture the wild animals, nets, impaylers and repeater crossbows.


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  1. Really nice unit you've got there, really dig the palid skin tones with tatoos, full of character !