Monday, 29 October 2012


Step one

  • Coat all gun metal or grey metallic areas with VMC Rust.
  • Coat all gold areas with VMC Copper, VMC Old Gold and VMC Burnt Umber (40;40;10)

Step two

  • Wash metallics with VMC Burnt Umber, VMC Black Ink and Future Floor Polish (30;30;40)
  • The Floor polish will break the surface tension of the paint and allow the paint to run more freely into the recesses of of the sculpture. Not only will this create a nice shading effect, but will make the metallics more interesting. I only put the one wash on my miniature but feel free to experiment with multiple layers adding green and purples for more colour variation. 


Deathwing Red

Step one

  • Black line the Deathwing symbol with a dark brown colour (almost black). To help with this add a little floor polish into your black/ brown or gloss varnish.
  • Using Citadel's Mephiston Red, I covered the symbol with several layers until I achieved a smooth, consistent tone. 

Step two

  • I added a little VMC Dark Blue into the mix as well as some flow inprover to help with the transition. 

Step three

  • Finally I highlighted the red with VMC Bright Orange

Miscellaneous details

  • Most miscellaneous details were given successive washes of VMC Burnt Umber and Black ink mixed with floor polish.


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