Monday, 5 November 2012

This miniature has been painted up as a tester for a Pre Heresy force. The red is a zenithal highlight with chipping effect. Unlike my previous Blood Angel force I've used TMM to achieve a realistic look.

I'm still in the planning stages with my Heresy force. There isn't much information about the marks of armour the Blood Angels wore, organizational markings, fetishes nor artistic flourishes added to reflect the legion. The yellow helmet for example is a mandate from the codex astrates that may or may not have been present during the heresy.

I'm also considering the historical context of this force. Will this force be a representation of the Great Crusade, Heresy or the climactic siege of Terra? Deciding this will influence the miniatures I buy and the paint scheme I use. The Blood Angel Legion are synonymous with their sacrifice on Terra and would be heavily scarred and battle damaged. This force would include most marks of armour, including the inferior Heresy mark V.

I'm very keen on reflecting a sense of place and time through these miniatures, avoiding the commion failing of confusing marks of armour and placing them in the wrong context (MK V Heresy for Crusade Era etc...)

If you have any thoughts on how you represented your legion please let me know!


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  1. Hands down, best Blood Angel I've seen. This is exactly how I imagine them to look and just how I would like to have my own BA's hopefully I can strive to get within a mile of yours.