Monday, 19 November 2012

This miniature is a commission piece for a client who wished to create a more dynamic Skaven Warlock. The original is based on the 6th edition Skaven army book front cover, which in turn inspired a Golden Daemon winning miniature. The model is a blend of GW parts, Greenstuff and the excellent infamy miniature's Sherlock Homes.

It became evident early on that the theme was steak-punk, clockwork rat. Thanks to some steak punk parts from eBay I was able to construct a robotic arm and embellish the rat with some interesting bits and pieces. 

Had a blast with this commission, I'm just really disappointed I don't get to paint it. I hope my client sends me pictures of the completed miniature.



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  1. Excellent mini! I understand that you are disappointed that you can't paint it, I would be to ;) //Animerik