Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Subjugator. Annihilator. The End of Empire. The Eye of the Emperor.
Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the XVI Legionaes Astartes. 

The model started life some time ago, inspired by Damien Thevenin's Horus Lupercal conversion. I loved the conversion so much I decided to try it, putting my own spin on him. The Horus above is the end result and has been created on behalf of a client who wished to create a Horus at the height of the Ullanor Crusade.

I watned Horus to be magnetic, imperiousness and domineering. Above all else, all the accolades, military and diplomatic genius, even beyond the charisma of the character I think of Horus as a bully. I wanted Horus to dominate the stage.

The pose is an inversion of the famous artwork of Adrian Smith, the source of so many Horus conversions and what seemed to be the natural default position of this character. The Breaker of Worlds is held aloft as a sign of victory for the Imperium - echoing the classic motif of the torch bearer, symbolically bringing the Imperial light to foreign soils. The Breaker of Worlds is a Kingly weapon, depicted as a scpetre wielded by a monarch; an image of reason, justice and order.

Horus' claw (some source books have Horus armed with his Talon at Ullanor, others conflict with this) is a huge clunking weapon of brutality. A butcher's weapon that mashes, pulverizes and obliterates, the qualities that will come to the fore in Horus' character after Davin.

A special mention must go to the base (not pictured here but can be found on my facebook page that has a very subtle foreshadowing to the fate of Horus and his coming insurrection. I'll reveal all in my next blog entry, but if you can spot what it is please pop a comment below to win a prize*

* Prizes include a mental high five,  twenty man points or a star that you can name!

P.S at the time of photographing I didn't have the bit that completes Horus Scpetre.

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