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An examination of the attitudes toward empire in the Pre Crusade Era

“It is a question hardly ever asked, but it is one central to the life of every imperial citizen;

“What kind of Empire are we creating?”

Throughout Human history man has strived for Empire. Human civilization is the story of the conflict between civilizing culture and regressive barbarity. Predicated upon prevalent ideals of the time, a culture will inevitably seek to test its philosophy in the most extreme of circumstances; war…

…One must understand the context in which man found himself at the turn of the 30th millennium. Terra was a blasted wasteland, destroyed by succession of despots. Humanity had been subject to systematic ethnic and technological cleansing on a scale undreamt of. Polorising attitudes and prejudicial violence repeated across man's limited expanse ad infitium. Racial, economical, technological, religious, biological and gendered conflicts had thousands of years of deeply entrenched feuds upon which to feed.

At this stage in Pre-Imperial history man achieved state of Institutionalised genocide perpetuated against it’s own citizens within the Sol system. Despite the enlightenment given to us by his divine countenance, the Emperor granted us with a vision beyond the limits of our self destroying nature.

"Man is perfection. Let nothing else stand in our shadow.”
The Emperor of Mankind, Teachings.

 The Emperor granted us a greater vision of institutional genocide against all xenos life. 

It was a cred simple enough for all to understand. It's mankind's lot to hate that which he does not know. It was a philosophy that could be justified in the light of sophist thought, predicated by the tribe of Athens in the pre history of mankind. It was an idea in scale with the grandest ambitions. The cred of Xeno Mortis united the weak and the mighty in one unshakable creed…”

Lord Ranchine. The Empire of Man. Book 1, Chapter 1.


Another W.I.P shot of the Luna Wolves commission i'm working on. I've been brushing up on my ancient history in an attempt to answer 'what kind of Empire was the Emperor trying to create?" I've concentrated my studies around the figure of Pericles as I believe this character in history encapsulates the hope of Empire, shying away from the more unsavory aspects of it. 

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