Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Bastiladon is a really nice kit. Squat, uncompromising and sporting a nifty lazer beam in it's back, I knew I needed to paint up this model when I saw it. 

I was heavily influenced by 'Eavy metal team's paint jobs. Taking these as a starting point I delved further into researching dinosaurs (especially the Ankylosaurus), exotic lizards and crocodiles. I wanted a bright, vibrant model, but I also wanted to achieve a realistic result. I decided early on that the Carapace would need more detailing. I toyed with the idea of using a dremel tool to create a rough texture but I wasn't sure what kind of result this would create. 

Undercoating the miniature white, I layered a bright yellow to create a consistent finish, then shaded the model with orange and red. I streaked the carapace to create a muted change in the colour in preparation for the next stage. I sprayed the carapace with a heavy coat of hair spray then used a highly diluted solution of dark green paint through an airbursh. The paint should pool and create a very realistic appearance on the markings. 

I painted the ark as if it were charging with energy. The white lines were created with a white oil wash.

The model was finished with a flourish of tropical fauna. 




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