Monday 5 August 2013

It's easy to fall in love a little with the new Lzardmen models. Who isn't infatuated at some time in their life by Dinosaurs? Who hasn't had the secret fantasy of riding one?

Kroq-Gar and Grim-Loq was a really easy model to assemble and painting it was a joy. The sculpt is really strong and dynamic. I toyed with the idea of painting Grim-Loq blue, but such a feral predatory, apex predator needs bold red markings. I used red shaded with a dark blue to create contrast on the skin, blending the two together until satisfied.

The Bastiladon is an utterly charming kit. I wanted to paint the carapace of the creature as realistically as I could. I took inspiration from the fantastic job the 'Eavy metal team did with the studio's Bastiladon kit. I also thoroughly researched dinosaur markings as well as lizards and reptiles. I wanted the solar engine to look like it was charging full of energy, ready to unleash upon the Enemies of Lustira. Instead of shading the recesses of the Glyphs Icarefully painted them white.

The Skink Priest is by far my favourite release from the new Lizardmen. The little blighter has a lot of character. Again, I was so impressed with the 'Eavy Metal teams job I decided to copy it as closely as I could.

I finished all these off with aquatic plants I bought at a pets store. The added height of the larger leaves give the impression that these beats are wading through a dense jungle to surprise unwary prey.

I will be updating the blog with indivdual entries of the above with a boat l

These models are for sale via eBay (99p starts)

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  1. Nice painted models!!

    The carnosaur is impressive, but I think you nailed it with the priest (specially the green-yellow-red colour of the feathers of the garments.

    Nice work!!!