Sunday, 20 September 2015

Paints used: Vallejo, Reaper Master Series, Games Workshop Washes, Com Art Medea Airbrush
Paint Brushes: Rosemary & Co. Raphael 8040, Broken Toad Brushes

These are psychic mal-clones (purpose designed malformed clones of rich nobles - fashion items without no military applications.) made from the old familiars from the Warhammer line. If you look up some of the really ancient artwork from Confrontation (the predecessor to Necromunda) you can see these really bizarre small malformed people following nobles about. I don't think its ever explained what they are exactly - mutants, vat grown children, psychic spoors? I wanted something like that for my gang. Although the psychic mal-clones are the sole province of the rich and are uniquely attuned to their owners, the Joker is a resourceful fella and has these little sprites follow him around. 

I imagine as they grow they will start to break down quickly since they have been severed fro mother original master. However they will gain some random psychic abilities that become more and more unstable. Again the Necromunda rules don't accommodate for this, but we can adapt the rules from a cool story can't we? 



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