Sunday, 13 September 2015

"Pride Go'eth Before Abandon, Vanity Go'eth Before Weakness, Vainglory Go'Eth Before the Fall."
— The Cantos of Proverbs, the Apocrypha Terra

Paints used: Vallejo, Reaper Master Series, Games Workshop Washes, Com Art Medea Airbrush Airbrush: Sparmax MAX - 3
Compressor: Sparmax ARISM
Paint Brushes: Rosemary & Co. Raphael 8040, Broken Toad Brushes, Windsor and Newton Series 7

What a wonderful model this is. Israel (the sculptor) is a god damn superstar already. This just oozes confidence. The armour feel substantial and looks like it is covering a gene enhanced body. It may sound trifling, but the knives on the hip stand out on the model and aren't sunk into the armour. I mean, the guy made a thunder hammer look elegant! Imagine this guy's take on a Primarch? Salivating.

I've recently acquired a new compressor to travel to shows with and a new airbrush to help with bulk undercoat jobs. My go to website for airbrush stuff has just launched the new Sparmax range (that I'll be reviewing in the future, but as a quick recommendation, you can't get a quieter, more powerful, easy to use airbrush set for under £200 - it's the bees knees) that was perfect and I decided to paint the entire model with my shine new toys. Although it is a .3 needle I found it responsive enough to do some fine highlighting. The entire model was given a basic airbrush layer with the Sparmax MAX - 3
using the Sparmax ARISM compressor. From there I finished it off with brush work to produce Eidolon. I've taken step by step photographs of this to show you how the armour was painted.

A stunning model that was a joy to work with from start to finish.



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