Monday, 14 September 2015

Paints used: Vallejo, Reaper Master Series, Games Workshop Washes, Com Art Medea Airbrush
Paint Brushes: Rosemary & Co. Raphael 8040, Broken Toad Brushes

The second goon in my Joker Gang (when creating a gang roster I wrote down the name of the gang as "The Jesters" to avoid copyright infringement. But why the hell should I be worried about that? Like DC are going to sue me over this, or force me to destroy the models.)

A couple of touches to look out for - her spiderweb tattoo over her eye and the "HA, HA, Ha on her shoulder guard. I used a strong red and black combination to echo Harley Quinn's scheme. 


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  1. Very nice, a full gang is gonna look awesome. Looking forward to seeing it all done.