Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cold one knights have been a favorite of mine since I started collecting wargaming figurines. Whenever I field my Dark Elves, I always make sure my lord is accompanied by his own retinue of knights. I just had to include these in my revamped army. Here is the first mock up of the cold one knight.

I've gathered an eclectic mix of bits from across Games Workshop's range to produce what I envision my Cold One Regiment should look like. I knew as soon as I saw the new Incubi and dark eldar kabailte warrior kits that they would be perfect to create these arrogant killers. I wanted each knight to have a personal banner that incorporates the motif of the bloody heart and his own trophy rack. Since my army is constantly moving through the chaos wastes, coupled with the cold ones stocky build, I only thought it natural that these nobles would display their trophies in such a way. 

I'm still undecided whether or not to use the bigger metal shield on all my knights, or whether to modify the plastic shields that come with the kit. I plan on using the classic bloody heart motif across the unit, sculpting it on armour and painting it on the individual banners.

I quite like how the smaller plastic shield shows off more of the model, but the older metal shield has a lot of nostalgic value locked up in it. If I cannot successfully re-create Rakarth's shield (I imagine they would be too expensive to buy) I'll be forced to use my second option.




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