Saturday, 28 June 2014

"Man is not an animal. We are not a part of the animal kingdom. We sit far above that crown, perched as spirits, not beasts. I have unlocked and discovered a secret to living in these bodies that we hold. Talk to me of your problems and Father will take away your pain."

Looped radio message broadcast over the public vox net Argellean VXIII [Under Inquisitorial investigation]

This piece was completed for Animosity's upcoming gaming event. It's something that I had always fancied tackling but the high price of the model and its age meant that it isn't easy to come by. We managed to get a deal but the model was caked in flock and glitter and god knows what else. It took three stripping sessions to bring out the pearl of the model beneath. 

The sculpt itself reminds me of anti Jewish propaganda made during the second world war. The Patriarch's features are humanoid, but corrupted to the point of lunacy, dehumanizing the creature.  I can imagine that the image of a Patriarch next to the Imperial slogan 'Beware the lascivious Xenos". The genestealer Cult has held the fascination on older gamers, in no small part to the hypnotizing, creepy figure of the the Patriarch. 

I was torn on whether or not to paint the armour black but nostalgia won out and I went for a purple chitinous exoskeleton with pink skin pulsing out from behind it. For the skin I used a more human hue shaded with red and purple. I wanted to give the impression that this thing was birthed by human mother and would have certain aspects that were human. I know this does not fit the back history as the Patriarch is the first generation of the cult, the cancerous seed from which it grows, but I mis-read this as a child and I always remember the creeping terror of  mothers giving birth to increasingly monstrous creatures until the Patriarch is born. 

The throne was painted obsidian and purple with aspects of its design picked out in gold. I think this contrasts well with the organic lump of the Patriarch and gives a nod to the Gigeresque influence of the Tyranid race. The base was constructed to look like stone - a throwback to the early Rogue Trader mood of a fantasy setting in space. I imagine that the throne is deep under the earth, a construct from an older human colonisation that worshipped chaos (thus the chaos markings on the throne). 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

From the 16th to the 26th of June 2014 I will be away on Holidays in Brazil. This means updates will be infrequent but if you need to reach me you can private message me on this page or email me at:

But until then enjoy the football - or if you can't stand the stuff enjoy your hobby! Myles

Friday, 13 June 2014

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Proverbs of Old Earth


This is my second take on the glorious warmaster. This time I have painted his robe red to emulate the Forge World job. I muted the contrast on the armour ever so slightly and I painted the wolf pelt brown before working on the greys. 

I've written a full article on how I painted this model from start to finish which should be published in a future issue of the Figure Painter Magazine. I'll post up a link once it is available. 


Friday, 6 June 2014

Varrus Corxeion Blade Master of the 3rd Millennial, Emperor's Children Purified.

The Purified were an order established at the very start of the Legion's creation that attempted to create a system of excellence with the nascent legion. Unknowingly mirroring their gene father's Legacy for excellence in all things the Purified admitted only those gifted with martial superiority and battle tactics. Although scant records exist concerning this minor foot note in history, it is known that Varrus Corxeion was First Blade or Blade Master. 

Corxeion was attributed with the Scouring of the Mandella Equation and the Third Insurrection of the Ffar. The details of these campaigns has been lost to history, Corxeion having no formal record afterward. It is unknown what actions he took during the great crusade. 


A commission piece for a larger Heresy Force. Enjoy the better photos Aaron. 


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

20x Executioners of Blood Briar Vineyard.

The vineyards of Har Ganeth produce a black grape that in turn makes intensely sweet wine and when drunk, has hallucinatory properties. Since the earliest days of Elven settlement in Naggaroth vineyards have been kept and maintained to feed nobles with this peculiarity. Since The Sundering the treatment of the vines has suffered as the Druchii only have one class of citezen; the warrior, and have had to rely on the inferior viticulturists of Bordeleaux.

This regiment of Har Ganeth Executioners belongs to the Grand Carnifex Malvisryo Blackthorn whose generous contributions to the Temple of Khaine (through the profits generated by the Blood Grape - one of many breed of grape that grows in the region) have secured him the permanent use of Khaine's finest warrirors to protect his interests and his vines. "Thorn Company" act as a strong detterent to rival wine Barons not to sabotage Malvisryo's crops. 

The Thron embroidered cloak worn by the executioners were furnished by Malviryo and so was the banner - a Stylized skull against a field of crimson and thorn. 


A commission piece for a client.