Monday, 28 May 2018

Constantin Valdor Captain General of the Legio Custodes. The First of the Ten Thousand. The Shield of the Emperor. This is a personal piece for my Horus Heresy collection. 

When you think of this time period there are a few names that spring to mind. Horus, Dorn, Sanguinius; and Valdor. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to buy him, and after painting a couple of commissions I knew I'd have to own one for myself. 

I made a couple of alterations from the original sculpt. I didn't like the cables running into his face. From what I understand, the Custodes aren't made via the bio alchemical process that most super-warriors in the Imperium undergo. They aren't cut open and put back together. Thier core being is directly altered by the will of the Emperor, and so would base no marks of the knife upon his skin. I also resculpted his hair to make it match the artwork in The visions of heresy. 

There are a few more changes - see if you can detect them. If you would like to paint this model check out the full 4k HD tutorial series detailing every brush stroke. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sigismund, first captain of the Imperial Fists, The Emperor's Champion. 

Here depicted on the battlements of Terra. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Mongol bust 1/10th bust sculpted by 'Greeny' Anh, painted by Myles David 2018. A personal piece on white/ grey background. 

The full 4k video tutorial will be available July

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Sculpted by the legendary Greeny 'Ahn' this bust has terrified me for nearly 2 years. It's something that I felt like I had to build a new skill set for, more so than any other previous bust I have painted. My love for early Mongol culture was sparked by the excellent podcast series by Hardcore History; "The Wrath of the Khans". I have researched what this warrior would wear, the types of armour, the colour pigmentation on the shirt and the type of wood that they used to make the arrows. 

If you would like to paint your own you can buy the miniature here. I have filmed the entire painting process and the entire video series will be available July 2018 via the Patreon. There will also be an accompanying PDF on how to create effective skin tones.