Saturday, 31 August 2013

Prices have been drawn up and I'm delighted to be able to offer a 15% reduction on the upcoming Space Marine Releases. Prices exclude the cost of the models (which I can purchase on your behalf).

Tactical Squad
£60 (-15% £51)
This box set contains 39 models including Space Marine Commander, Command Squad, 2 Tactical Squads, Assault Squad, Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles, Drop Pod, Venerable Dreadnought and a Razorback

£200 (-15% £170)
Vanguard Squad
£50 (-15% £42.50)
£50 (-15% £42.50)
£30 (-15% £25.50)
£30 (-15% £25.50)
Space Marine Centurions
£90 (-15% £76.50)
Reclusiam Squad
This plastic kit contains 7 models including a 5 man Command Squad, Chaplain and Razorback

£90 (-15% £76.50)

Thinking of buying that dream army? Been putting off painting that Legion? Can't decided whether the yellow marines of the blue ones are for you? Get in touch and we'll build up the core theme of your force, detailing heraldry, history, characters and crusade markings. 

To book a commission please contact 

With details of your commission and we'll get that force painted up for you!

Further discounts are available depending on the quantity ordered. So why not buy yourself that early Christmas present? Why not give yourself a second birthday like the queen? 

Looking forward to receiving your messages and working with you.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ancient Varris, Dreadnought of the Emrperor's Children Legion, Ninth Millenial 
[Pict-capture aboard  Battle Barge "Teleos", XXXIII "Monument" campaign]

Born on Terra, Captain of the Ninth Millenial Varris had been a consummate swordsmen and warrior in life. Leading from the front, Varris would throw himself and his men into the thickest of fighting, acting as the spear tip in any engagement. Varris met his end at the hands of a hulking Ork Xenos warrior and was interred into the newly forged Contemptor pattern Dreadnought armour before the Legion had been reunited with their Primarch. 

Due to data purges and corrupted historical text spools post Heresy it is unknown whether Varris survived the siege of Terra and the subsequent flight from Imperial retribution. If Varris still lives, surely this once resplendent defender of humanity would be unrecognisable to us today. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

"Vengeance without honour is savagery"
Dr Fears, Lectures on the Superman.

A big blob of thirty marines standing ready to take the Emperor's light into the cold, hostile void. The Legion markings have been placed on the right pauldron following the example of their Captain Loken. I painted these miniatures mid campign with the armour dented and scorched in some places by warfare. 


Friday, 16 August 2013

During a conversation Orclord (of Stuff of Legends fame) mentioned that he had an Old Dechala the Denied one model kicking around his vast collection. I always had a soft spot for that model - only ever having seen it in White Dwarf and reading the character's back history in the Champions of Chaos supplement. The model was released when I was still new to the hobby, conjuring nostalgic pangs of better days.

Take a look at her history, it's still evocative.

Dechala is the mistress of the Tormentors, the greatest of all of Slaanesh's warbands to ever roam the Chaos Wastes. She is as cruel as she is beautiful and as pitiless as she is beguiling.
The earliest records of the ravages of Dechala reach down through the centuries. Some say that she was blessed with great age by Slaanesh, or maybe the legends that she was once a High Elf princess are true.
Dechala The Denied OneDechala is mutated beyond recognition, making her a creature of Chaos more akin to a Daemon than a mortal. Her skin is smooth and milk-white. Her legs have been replaced by the lithe and sinuous body of a snake. Her multi-headed tail cracks like a whip, and drips with poison. Her multitudinous arms grasp heavy-bladed swords and her deep blue eyes glow with an inner light, promising terrible pain and pleasure to any who dare to stand before her. She has beauty that only Slaanesh may grant, but it is as unearthly and disturbing as it is irresistible. Her visage evokes loathing as much as it arouses pleasure.
Dechala seeks the ultimate self-indulgence and freedom from the shackles of law and order, but she desires this pleasure only for herself: others can suffer and die as long as her wishes are fulfilled. She is served by a host of slaves, victims of her hideous poison that erodes both the will and the body.
In battle Dechala is an enchanting sight, her snake-like body dancing to amuse her patron. And as delicate and sensuous as her movements are, they are nonetheless lethal to those who dare to oppose her, and many an opponent has been cut to pieces while entranced by her dance.

Without my nostalgic beer googles on this model has a fair few problems, all known to those who own, or to those who have attamped to paint the miniature. Not only does this model have a but ugly head, a hair cut that belongs to the 80's and details that don't quite mesh (you can't see them, but the model has tassle on the back of one set of arms that don't appear anywhere else on the sculpt).

So, the gauntlet was thrown down. I was to do something, anything to make Dechala more palatable to the eye.

The first thing to do was to change the head. The Alluress head on the standard Daemonette kit is a  visually striking alternative to Dechala's and opens up the model wonderfully. I decided to reposition the arms as if she were expanding herself for her unfortunate victim to have one look at her beauty before they are sliced to bits.

I also went for a red colour scheme. When I think of Slaanesh, I think of sin, sex and lust - the colour of passion had to be red. I balanced the red hair against the red tail. The skin also exhibits a healthy red pallor, at odds with the current 'Eavy Metal scheme of greyish blue. The swords were painted with a cool contrast of green and silver that frames the model nicely.

Whether I succeeded in updating this model is up to you (and of course Orclord). I'm glad I got the oppurtunity to paint up this miniature to stand alongside my Citadel Legend Collection.

Friday, 9 August 2013

The big one. The model with the biggest wow factor from the new Lizardmen release. Even those who love the old kit can tip their hat to this sculpt. It ticks all the boxes, big angry and coming straight at you. I toyed with the idea of painting it blue but with something this direct a nice angry red was the only way to go. 

The basic tones were painted with an airbrush going from yellow through to blue. Once varnished I hit it with oils (blues, reds and browns). This model was a whole heap of fun to paint and the paint job needed to be just as big. 

I hope to be able to paint an army of these suckers for someone soon. 


Thursday, 8 August 2013

This is such a charming mother f*****. A delight to paint and easy to assemble. 

The highlight of the miniature were the feathers. The 'Eavy metal team painted them in such vibrant colours that I couldn't resist recreating it as closely as I could. I put down the basic tones of red, yellow, green and blue, then feathered the brush strokes between the colours. The result is a gradual blend that looks textured. 

Tomorrow we take a look at the fearsome Carnosaur. 


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Bastiladon is a really nice kit. Squat, uncompromising and sporting a nifty lazer beam in it's back, I knew I needed to paint up this model when I saw it. 

I was heavily influenced by 'Eavy metal team's paint jobs. Taking these as a starting point I delved further into researching dinosaurs (especially the Ankylosaurus), exotic lizards and crocodiles. I wanted a bright, vibrant model, but I also wanted to achieve a realistic result. I decided early on that the Carapace would need more detailing. I toyed with the idea of using a dremel tool to create a rough texture but I wasn't sure what kind of result this would create. 

Undercoating the miniature white, I layered a bright yellow to create a consistent finish, then shaded the model with orange and red. I streaked the carapace to create a muted change in the colour in preparation for the next stage. I sprayed the carapace with a heavy coat of hair spray then used a highly diluted solution of dark green paint through an airbursh. The paint should pool and create a very realistic appearance on the markings. 

I painted the ark as if it were charging with energy. The white lines were created with a white oil wash.

The model was finished with a flourish of tropical fauna.