Saturday, 31 August 2013

Prices have been drawn up and I'm delighted to be able to offer a 15% reduction on the upcoming Space Marine Releases. Prices exclude the cost of the models (which I can purchase on your behalf).

Tactical Squad
£60 (-15% £51)
This box set contains 39 models including Space Marine Commander, Command Squad, 2 Tactical Squads, Assault Squad, Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles, Drop Pod, Venerable Dreadnought and a Razorback

£200 (-15% £170)
Vanguard Squad
£50 (-15% £42.50)
£50 (-15% £42.50)
£30 (-15% £25.50)
£30 (-15% £25.50)
Space Marine Centurions
£90 (-15% £76.50)
Reclusiam Squad
This plastic kit contains 7 models including a 5 man Command Squad, Chaplain and Razorback

£90 (-15% £76.50)

Thinking of buying that dream army? Been putting off painting that Legion? Can't decided whether the yellow marines of the blue ones are for you? Get in touch and we'll build up the core theme of your force, detailing heraldry, history, characters and crusade markings. 

To book a commission please contact 

With details of your commission and we'll get that force painted up for you!

Further discounts are available depending on the quantity ordered. So why not buy yourself that early Christmas present? Why not give yourself a second birthday like the queen? 

Looking forward to receiving your messages and working with you.




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