Thursday, 13 February 2014

 Honoured Sons of Horus Typhon 'Devourer' of The Sons of Horus Legion, Second Millenial 
[Pict-capture Istvaan V Massacare]

This Typhon HEavy Seige Tank was honoured with the personal sigil of the Warmaster; The Eye of Terra in honour of services rendered to the Imperium breaking the wall at Ullva Prime. The shattering of what was believed by the native Xenos to be the impenetrable defense battery of void shields and a forty foot thick plasteel shell saw the sacking and ultimate extinction of the Ner'Vei.

This tank was reported damaged beyond repair and is thought to have been stripped for parts after the Istvaan V Massacare. 


Painted in tandem with the Sons of Horus Sicaran this was the first super heavy I had tackled. Transferring my well used 28-34mm techniques onto a bigger canvas was a very pleasurable challenge . I found that I had to add my own details to the large flat surfaces of faded shading to break it up a little. I copied the gang markings on Abaddons armour to add some freehand to the surfaces. 




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