Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you are having a lovely time carving kids and giving candy to pumpkins. This kit reminds me of Citadel Miniature design in the eighties - the kit it big, unapologetically fun and ever so slightly disturbing (ok, very obviously disturbing). I feel like this model may well make it into my Citadel Legends showcase even though she was sculpted by forge-world.

A few details of note - the bag she is holding has an octopus as well as all manner of knightly gear, skulls and a haunch of donkey that I'd like to think was Old Neil. I've painted her hands and feet ever so slightly darker as if she has peripheral shut down (blood isn't getting pumping her extremities like it used to).


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nisraa, Blood Wrack Medusa of the Black House

The Ch'Ihll sigil is that of the Gorgon - so it is little wonder that throughout the history of the Black house their nobles have courted the favour of Blood Wrack Medusae. The blind Dreadlord Blazirr Ch'Ihll was famed to take to battle riding atop his dark pegasus, leading the charge flanked by packs of Medusa. The Grey Lady Vallizna Ch'Ihll was rumoured to keep a Medusa close to her throne: her courtesans ever wary of the threat of the creatures deadly stare in the reflection of wine, polished silver plates or jewels gifted to them. It is said that Lanikai Vazo Ch'Ihll took a Bloodwrack medusa to be his lover, and met his end when he locked eyes with the otherworldy creature. 

These creatures act as vanguard to the host of Ch'Ihll and as bodyguard to the members of the Ch'Ihll bloodline when encamped on campaign. On the battlefield they can be relied to keep apace with the dreaded Gorgoneion, or single out packs of skirmishers, war-machines or lone characters to dispatch with her deathly gaze. 

Nisraa is one of Cynath's prize pets. When alone guards have reported the creature sings to her lord - a rare feature of these creatures, but not unheard of. However it is known that the singing of the Medusa invites madness, a characteristic which the Ch'Ihll bloodline is well aquatinted with.


Monday, 21 October 2013

Part of my Citadel Legends series where I attempt to paint up all my limited edition, unreleased models or models that inspired me when I first started the hobby. Vorsha was a bit of a steal - she was a mis labelled eBay auction that I snapped up. 

I found this model really challenging to paint. The face is recessed, overshadowed by the 80's style hair do. The model is a nightmare to rank up because of the claok and the details are quite small and ill defined. I pushed the contrast of her features but I feel a warmer skin tone would have benefitted her more than my traditional method of painted Dark Elf skin. 

The cape offered a fantastic opportunity to practice my freehand skills. The image was taken from the old Dark Elf army book that I sketched on tracing paper. I then re-sketched it until I developed a 'muscle memory' for the shape. I plotted out the points on the cape with little dots and filled in the pattern. 

I will be running Vorsha with a unit of limited release executioners. Very excited to paint those up.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shadowblade has been a favourite of mine since I was a child and it was great to paint such a dynamic miniature. This guy is really throwing himself at his unlucky target! The red cape was shaded with blue to add interest to the shadow. His armour was shaded with purple and given an extreme highlight of white.

Even if you do not collect Dark Elves I would suggest picking up this model. I feel that i've only scratched the surface painting the miniature in very simple gradient shading. I'd love to try and pattern the cloak. 


I was a little in awe of The Cauldron of Blood. It's a seriously impressive set and i'm still working on the extra characters that come with it. I painted the blood with Tamyia Red Clear and Black ink (it actually congeals like real blood!). 

I painted the cauldron purple in homage to the original kit. 



Monday, 14 October 2013