Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you are having a lovely time carving kids and giving candy to pumpkins. This kit reminds me of Citadel Miniature design in the eighties - the kit it big, unapologetically fun and ever so slightly disturbing (ok, very obviously disturbing). I feel like this model may well make it into my Citadel Legends showcase even though she was sculpted by forge-world.

A few details of note - the bag she is holding has an octopus as well as all manner of knightly gear, skulls and a haunch of donkey that I'd like to think was Old Neil. I've painted her hands and feet ever so slightly darker as if she has peripheral shut down (blood isn't getting pumping her extremities like it used to).



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  1. You sir, are a legend. Ive been waiting for someone to paint one of these! So blown away by it mate! Awesome work.